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Gas Leak on Nine Ft Rd.
Friday, September 3, 2021

On Friday evening Station 47 was alerted for a Commercial Gas Leak on Nine Ft. Rd. Command 47 went on scene to find a 1000 gallon propane tank had been struck by a farm vehicle and the relief valve had been sheared off. With no way to stop the leak crews from Rescue 47 and Tanker 47-3 put two hand lines in service on the leak and Command requested two additional Tanker Companies. When investigation found the tank to be at 70 percent, Command requested an additional Tanker Company and a Cover-Up. Crews operated for approximately two hours while the tank vented off.

Units responding; Command 47, Rescue 47, Tankers 47-3, 50-2, 52, and 78, Engines 47-4, 50-5, 52-2, 78-2, and 78-4. Engine 72-1 was the Stand-By Engine.

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